My studies will require faces of all kinds, so I think I’ll just congregate face databases here.

Here’s a database others are working on with more information and sources.

Here’s another that includes more than just faces.

AgingMind – lifespan faces with a wide array of emotions: Link Paper
FACES – young, middle, old with variety of emotions: Link Paper
CAFE – children, many emotions, many races: Link Paper
KDEF – emotional adult faces: Link
Chicago Face Database – different ethnicities, normed faces: Link
10K Adult faces – adult faces, not really normed: Link
CVL – young adult faces, neutral, many angles: Link
FEI – brazilian faces ages 19-40, variety of angles: Link
Georgia Tech – frontal faces: Link
PICS – variety of angles, colors, ages (old looking though): Link
USCD – variety of angles, 28 faces: Link Link2
Bogazici – Turkish face set
FRL: neutral/smiling, diverse ethnicities + ages Link

Less Useful
Youtube faces: Link

If you want a fuller list: Link